• First and foremost Dr. David Meisels is an incredible person, and I’ve only received honest and straightforward advice from him. He is inspirational as a dentist, a leader, an entrepreneur and most importantly, a friend. David is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of dentistry from clinical practice to running the business. As a naive new graduate, it was David who counselled me through my first days as a dentist. When I decided to start a practice, it was David who encouraged and coached me through the difficulties of opening an office. He was always available to talk about anything, despite his busy schedule. We spoke about every step of opening an office including finding locations, contract negotiations, office design, hiring staff and the like. Yet what makes him special is his dedication to treating staff and patients with high ethical standards and the utmost professionalism. He has taught me about all the practical aspects of dentistry and the soft skills necessary to make a dental office stand out. Even now, he continues to be a savvy mentor and a generous friend. David has been and continues to be indispensable to my career. I feel extremely lucky to have him help me, and I know that my success is the direct result of his guidance.
    Dr. Peter Nguyen
  • A colleague introduced me to Dave Meisels when I was looking to start a new dental office. He was really helpful and showed me around his office and took the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions. Dave also gave me contacts for various people who could help me with my signage, advertising and dental insurance. It is overwhelming when you decide to open a dental office and do all this for the first time; however, things are easier when somebody experienced and knowledgeable like Dave Meisels can guide you and make the whole process smoother and easier. Thanks Dave!!
    Rachana Chhabra D.D.S
  • Dr. David Meisels helped us tremendously with every step of the process of setting up our new office. He was there with us from the beginning. He helped with discussing the idea of setting up a practice and the steps involved, selecting an appropriate location and walking us through lease negotiations. He also helped us to select a suitable contractor, lawyer, designer and all other trades necessary to set up a practice, but he was definitely the most valuable member of our team. Dr. Meisels has a significant amount of experience and we greatly benefitted from his unique insight. As an experienced clinician, Dr. Meisels provides the ability to ensure the practice is set up in a functional and efficient manner, and was always available to answer all of our questions, listen to our problems and help to solve them quickly and decisively. We would highly recommend Dr. Meisels as a consultant for dental practice set up.
    Dr. Leena Chohan (Pediatric Dentist) / Dr. Matthew Tse (Orthodontist)
  • I have sought Dr. David Meisels’ mentorship on a number of aspects related to my dental practice. David’s breadth of knowledge is truly remarkable. Whether discussing the construction or set up of a practice, associateship arrangements or employee management or general practice management matters I have found David to be organized, sincere and very willing to help. I have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone seeking practical and ethical advice.
    Harley Eklove DDS
  • I worked for Dr. David Meisels for seven years prior to purchasing my own dental office. Those seven years were the best learning experience of my entire dental career. He helped me to refine my skills as a practitioner, but also to manage patients and deal with the staff. He was hands-on during the entire process of choosing, purchasing and transitioning into a new dental office. Dr. Meisels draws from a wealth of experience, and his opinions have always proven correct. I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental his guidance was during my office purchase. To this day, he is still readily available to answer questions and give advice on any issues that come up in my office. As a new office owner, the entire process can be overwhelming. Dr. Meisels has guided me through the business and management side of office ownership that you never learn about in dental school. He has made an otherwise overwhelming process manageable and is directly responsible for the success of my practice – one could not ask for a better mentor.
    Dr. Jennifer Tse

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